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Earwax - Cerumen
ear wax faq

Earwax build-up

Earwax treatment

Mostly earwax falls out without the need to remove it.

When you have ear wax symptoms like hearing loss, earache, tinnitus, vertigo or a cough, earwax needs to be removed.

Removing an earwax plug starts with eardrops to soften the earwax impaction. If eardrops don't work, irrigation may be needed.

Eardrops should be used at room temperature. Pour a few drops into the affected ear and lie on your side with the affected ear facing upwards. If you repeat this two to three times a day for three to five days, the earwax impaction

Ear irrigation is recommended if the earwax blockage persists. A controlled flow of water is squirted into your ear canal to clean out the earwax. The water has body temperature. The ear irrigation is painless, but you feel a strange sensation in your ear.

If ear irrigation is unsuccessful for earwax removal, your docotr will recommend:

If earwax removal doesn't work with eardrops and/or ear irrigation, you pay consier another earwax treatment.

Ear wax treatment with an microsuction: a noisy and uncomfortable technique that uses a gentle level of suction under a microscope, Many specialists regard microsuction as a routine earwax treatment.

Aural toilet is also a earwax treatment. The specialist uses a Jobson Horne probe to remove the earwax.

Some people believe in ear candling as earwax treatment.

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