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Earwax - Cerumen
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Colors of earwax

Ear wax color

Normal earwax color

Cerumen can be several colors. Lighter to medium dark. If there is red earwax or very dark brown ear wax you may have an injury. If there is a liquid drainage, you may have an infection. The infection color may range from clear to yellowish to red discharge. Foreign object can create a multiple of colors depending on the object.

Earwax color meaning

The earwax color varies depending upon the cerumen composition. Earwax is a mixture of skin, sweat, hair, and debris (such as shampoo and dirt) held together with a fluid secreted by glands inside the ear canal. The earwax color is not a medical problem, it is just a function of what minerals and vitamins are in your body.

Some believe that darker earwax like brown, black or ear wax that resembles the color of blood is older cerumen. Black earwax is suspected to be the cause of using earwax candles for .

There are two earwax type. You have the dry earwax and the wet earwax. The type of cerumen gives another earwax color. Wet ear wax is moist and yellow to brown, while dry earwax is hard and black or dark grey. Removal of dry ear wax is difficult. Dry earwax has to be softened before cleaning.

Earwax color children

Earwax ranges in color from light to dark brown or orange. In children, earwax is usually softer and lighter than the earwax produced by adults.

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