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Earwax - Cerumen
ear wax faq

Ear wax smell

Earwax smells like

Ear wax odor

Body odor or body odour, is the smell of bacteria growing on the body Bbody odor is genetically determined by a gene that also codes the type of earwax one has East Asians have a greater chance of having the dry earwax and reduced axial sweating and odor.

Ear wax smells bad or sweet

When an ear produces dry earwax the ear wax smells sweet. If an ear produces wet earwax the cerumen smells bad.

Ear wax smells like ..

Earwax smells like fish, cheese, mildew, peanut butter, vinegar,,... There are manu differences in the cerumen odor. It is not important to know if earwax smells like cheese or if earwax smells like peanut butter.

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