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Earwax - Cerumen
ear wax faq

Ear wax candles

Earwax candling

What are ear candles

Ear candles are specially made candless. They are hollow, anywhere from nine to fifteen inches long, they have no wick and they are narrower at one end than the other. When the wide end is lit and the narrow end is resting gently in your ear, there is a chimney effect created that encourages a natural earwax removal through your ear canal.

Ear candling benefits

Ear candling can be performed by beauticians, alternative therapists or patients using a ear wax candling kit at home. It is used for removing ear wax, though it has also been used to relieve sinus pain, cure ear infections, help relieve tinnitus and vertigo and even strengthen the brain.

Earwax candle instructions

What do you need for earwax candling? Have a bowl of water close at hand, scissors, matches, a toothpick and a paper plate,or metal pie tin.

What are the earwax candle instructions?

  1. Place the client in a comfortable position on his side.
  2. Cut a dime-size hole in the paper plate or pie tin.
  3. Insert the candle through the hole in the plate. Light the large end of the candle and place the small end firmly seated in the ear canal. If smoke is escaping from the small end, please seat the candle again.
  4. After the first 2 minutes, remove the candle from the ear and clean out the tip with a toothpick.
  5. Remove the candle from the ear about every 3 minutes. Check to see that the tip is open and trim off the burned portion of the candle into the bowl of water with a sharp pair of scissors. Do not trim away so much that the flame is extinguished.
  6. Let the candle burn down to no closer than 3 from the end. Extinguish the burning end in the bowl of water and dispose of it in a safe manner.

Earwax candling risk

Possible risks ear candling earwax removal

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