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diagnosis of earwax

A doctor can make a diagnosis of a earwax blockage by listening to the patient's symptoms and then looking into the ear with an otoscope. A otoscope, used to make a earwax diagnosis, is a instrument that lights and magnifies your inner ear.

After the doctor has made a earwax diagnosis he will suggest a earwax treatment.

You don't need a earwax test to confirm the presence of earwax. If you have a history of recurrent earwax, you will know when you have another earwax buildup.

Your doctor can see whether there is earwax inside your ear and whether it appears to be impacted. Hearing loss can be detected using tuning fork tests, such as the Rinne test and Weber test.

Making a earwax diagnosis is also making a differential diagnosis. What else might it be?

Impacted earwax is more common in the elderly, people who use hearing aids and those who use cotton ear buds.

Son dont make your own ear wax diagnosis. See your doctor for a proper earwax diagnosis and ask for ear wax treatment.

With an ear infection you have to call a doctor.

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